A 1-Week OutSystems Web & Mobile App Development Course

offered by Academia de Código

Subjects: ,


Upgrade && power up your professional developer’s skillset by taking this insanely awesome 1-week OutSystems(*) App Development course within the realms of the most disruptive programming school known to Humankind, aka .

Known for our outstanding know-how in what comes to turning programming n00bs into Junior Full-Stack Developers through infamously intensive 14-week programming bootcamps, we are now about to hit (and “Hulk smash”) the OutSystems’ up skilling scene with a new course that will allow talented programmers of any language to swiftly become fluent in a technology that is taking the market by storm.

Aimed at professional developers who want in on the highly rewarding job opportunities created by this amazing new tool for visual (and speedy) app development && deployment, this new course will also grant its alumni an “OutSystems Associate Web & Mobile Developer” official certification.

Need we say more?! 4 years of success, 500++ alumni placed into over 60 IT companies, as well as a solid reputation in what concerns the excellence of our teaching methods, do assure us we can (and will) now make a solid dent in the OutSystems professional up skilling Universe!

(*) OutSystems is a worldwide ever growing Low-Code platform that allows you to build && deploy enterprise grade full-stack applications at an incredibly fast pace.

Locations && Pricing:

Portugal // €1.950
Netherlands // €2.950
UK // £3.150
US // $2.500
Brazil // $2.500