Actualize Coding Bootcamp: Part-Time

offered by Actualize

Actualize is a coding bootcamp that values quality education above all else. We only hire lead instructors who have professional educational experience in addition to professional software development experience. Our combination of teaching expertise and instruction-driven curriculum allows us to teach on a part-time basis what similar programs teach on a full-time basis. Because of this part-time schedule, our students are able to transition to successful careers in web development without having to quit their original jobs while learning to code in our program.

In addition to teaching programming skills, Actualize is committed to mentoring students find their first job in the software industry. Actualize has a deeply integrated Job Hacking curriculum, which provides the distinct skills necessary to be successful with interviews and landing a job. Actualize also offers a structured Job Hacking career support program after the bootcamp to help our graduates execute their job hunt in a specific and timely manner.

Actualize runs two award-winning programs. Our Online Live course, available to every location in North America, is the world’s only online coding bootcamp that is 100% live, including all instruction and exercises. The Online Live program uses the same immersive curriculum as the in-person program, with classes conducted real time with video conferencing. Both in-person and online classes follow the same 12 week part-time schedule on Sundays and weeknights. Our in-person course is the longest running Chicago coding bootcamp, with in-person classes available at our Chicago River North campus.

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