Applied Machine Learning

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The Data incubator’s Machine Learning course is a part-time, online program geared towards giving working professionals immersive, hands-on experience with the most sought-after machine learning skills. Developed with feedback from our hundreds of industry partners and based on the same rigorous methodology as our Fellowship, our course gives students a thorough understanding of the mathematical and statistical underpinnings of machine learning, as well as the practical skills needed to harness the power of raw data to solve pressing business problems.

Upon completion of this course, you will:

– Understand and be able to deploy the steps required to complete an end-to-end machine learning project
– Have learned about various machine learning models, how they work, pros and cons of each, and how they compare
– Know how to best use machine learning to solve business problems and analyze problems using a machine learning perspective
– Understand how to effectively use Python’s machine learning library

This course is for you if:

– You have experience with modeling or have a background in data science, and would like to learn the theoretical principles and practical applications of machine learning
– You want to gain hands-on experience applying machine learning techniques to real-world datasets