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This course will teach you how to maximize your potential using the Unity editor. By using the techniques taught in this course, you will speed up your development time and customize your Unity workflow. You will learn how to make Unity user friendly to your preferences, techniques, and workflows.

First, we will look at some built-in options Unity gives developers for customizing the editor. We will learn how to customize window layout, console output, and more. Next, we will look at how to use editor scripting to our advantage. Unity allows us to customize and extend the functionality of the editor by writing C# code. The final topic we will look at is customizing the inspector. This will give us the ability to edit and modify our game objects in the scene.

By the end of this course you will have a well-rounded knowledge of how to customize each of these areas of Unity. The result will be a more efficient and effective development process allowing you to get more quality work done in less time.

This course also comes with a PDF review sheet that you can print out covering all of the major terms and functions taught in this course and screenshot examples of using each in Unity.

Who is the target audience?

Anyone who wants to take their Unity C# skills up a level
Developers who are interested in making tools for the Unity Asset Store but don’t know where to start
Students who want to obtain a game industry job as a Unity Developer
Basic knowledge
Some basic Unity experience in C#
What you will learn
Learn how to make tools in Unity
Take full advantage of the power of Unity
Speed up your development process
Understand how asset store tools are created
Get knowledge of industry-standard techniques

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