Blockchain for Professionals

offered by B9lab Academy

Blockchain jumps at you from almost every FinTech publication, economic newspaper, industry blog and even mainstream news.

Although the hype is massive and cryptocurrencies are highly debated, fundamental misconceptions persist. Further, the blockchain community can feel exclusive to those with programming and coding experience, leaving out valuable perspectives, backgrounds, and inputs from non-developers.

At B9lab, we want to make blockchain education accessible to everyone who wants to learn. That’s why we developed this in-depth course for non-coder professionals seeking a deeper understanding of blockchain technology: how it works, potential applications, benefits as well as critical aspects to tackle misconceptions.

Blockchain technology enjoys a great deal of untapped potential to revolutionize and disrupt our way of living, interacting, governing and trading. Yet in order for blockchain to fulfill the promise ascribed by enthusiasts, a critical and deeper understanding is essential.

We will dive into technical fundamentals, deployment patterns, and smart contracts, but also thoroughly address use cases, business applications and implications of blockchain technology.

The learning experience we provide encompasses not only foundational understandings allowing strategic decision-making, but also tutoring, class discussions, reflection questions, and self-assessments.