Blockchain Professional Developer Bootcamp

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During this course, students will master coding smart contracts in solidity & deploy DApps to public and private Ethereum Blockchains. Learn from industry experts and gaining all of the tools and experience you will need to build a career in the booming Blockchain Ecosystem. This course is offered as a 1 week immersive, 3 weeks part-time, or 6 weeks part-time.

Students can expect to learn Blockchain, Solidity, smart contract development, Decentralized application development, Ethereum, Truffle Framework, Ganache, Smart contract unit testing, smart contract security, smart contract security auditing, cryptography, Web3.js, connecting the blockchain to outside data sources, creating cryptocurrency tokens.

Upon graduation, students can expect to have mastered all of the skills and tools necessary to accelerate a development career into the blockchain industry and get hired as a smart contract developer. Alumni will receive resume development, residency period following bootcamp (graduates are paired with entrepreneurs from business classes who need help building out proofs-of-concept. Graduates gain real-world experience and live projects they can use to shore up their portfolios). Direct introductions to hiring partners based on graduate background and partner needs.

Alumni will also receive active blockchain community, large networking events, industry-focused panels and discussions, TA and peer-to-peer learning opportunities

Prerequisites or requirements for acceptance: At least 2 years of experience working as a software developer recommended, but not required. Working knowledge of OOP programming languages such as Python or Javascript. Must be actively seeking employment in the blockchain space to apply for deferred payment option.