Bootcamp Big Data and Machine Learning

offered by KeepCoding

This Bootcamp is not oriented to a single profile, but depending on the concerns and tastes of the person may be inclined to one exit or another. Developer, engineer in Big Data and Data Scientist with all its disciplines: Machine Learning, Data Mining Deep Learning, NLP, …, hold any position in the areas of development, machine learning … Also in positions more oriented to management that need an entire knowledge of this ecosystem to carry out its work. Any company that uses the data as a basis for making strategic decisions should have this type of profile therefore virtually every company is a perfect candidate to host them in their roster. We are not talking only about big companies, SMEs too, even new companies that are emerging known as start-ups. All of them need this type of profiles. Big Data & Machine Learning is used in a wide variety of fields: robotics, marketing, finance, education, retail … In fact, it is extending so much and so fast that, for example, the pillars of the IoT or Digital Transformation are based on this.