Bootcamp Part One: Fundamentals of Software Development

offered by Alchemy Code Lab

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Learn how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create fully-functional websites. Our instructors will introduce you to a new concept in each class session, offering insight and guidance as you practice the foundational methods and tools of professional software developers.

By the end of Part One of Bootcamp, you’ll be able to:
– Define the structure of a web page using the semantic hierarchical structural conventions of HTML5
– Apply CSS and HTML to implement page layout styles, including grid, fluid, & responsive techniques — and style content with color, typography, and images
– Use JavaScript to make interactive web projects that can be personalized based on user input
– Write JavaScript code that is efficient, error-free, and able to pass a code linter, leveraging the fundamentals of Computer Science, the Object-Oriented – Programming paradigm, and basic data types, data structures, and basic algorithms
– Adopt standard control tools and workflows — including Git, GitHub, and VSCode — to write functional, properly styled code and collaborate efficiently and harmoniously in professional environments