Bootcamp Prep: Intro to Software Development in JavaScript

offered by Alchemy Code Lab

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If you’re new to coding, this is the place to start. Over the course of a week, you’ll get familiar with the nuts and bolts of software development — and set the pace for our rigorous bootcamp.

You will have two weeks to prep from the comfort of home (or your favorite coffee shop):
– Get your computer’s operating systems set up with Atom, Terminal, and Git
– Complete Khan Academy’s Intro to JavaScript and Codecademy’s course in HTML & CSS
– Say hello and query your fellow students and instructors for help on the class chat channel

In the final week of prep, class will meet nightly where your instructor will:
– Review key concepts, material, and vocabulary from the online work
– Share tips, tricks, and shortcuts (your computer is a key developer tool – we’ll show you how to navigate it’s potential like a pro)
– Make sure you’re ready to get the most out of Bootcamp, with a solid understanding of GIT & Command Line; the DOM (HTML, CSS, JavaScript); JavaScript variables & control flow; JavaScript functions & objects

Bootcamp Prep is required for all students getting started at Alchemy Code Lab. If you’ve already covered this introductory material on your own, ask us how to test directly into Bootcamp!

Bootcamp Prep is offered two weeks prior to each Bootcamp start date, and you are welcome to attend the Prep even if you are not sure about attending the full Bootcamp program.