Bootcamp Programming from cero

offered by KeepCoding

Why should I learn to program? The world is facing a worldwide lack of software developers. It is estimated that in two years there will be a demand for 1.4 million jobs in technology companies. However, it is estimated that only 400,000 can be covered. This means that there will be a million empty jobs in one of the sectors with the best working conditions.

Why a Programming Boot Camp? The Internet is very large and there are millions of resources available. Deciding what knowledge is in line with your goals, if your learning progresses properly or get your first job as a developer can be difficult if you do not have the guidance, support and follow-up necessary. That’s why we created this Bootcamp: an intensive program where our professors, experts in the sector, decide year after year what technologies are more demanded and more important for your future. We organize the content and guide you from start to finish so that you acquire the knowledge that companies need through a 100% technical and practical methodology so that you can face the world of work.