Business Analyst Bootcamp

offered by Data Application Lab

Data Application Lab will help students learn the frameworks, theories, and practices that have given rise to business analysis. Our instructors will go through essential business knowledge including Marketing strategies, Segmentation and Targeting, Business Development and Sales, Customer Experience and Pricing, Fraud Detection, A/B Testing, Key Metrics, Funnel Analysis and others.
The courses combine theories and practices that allow students to figure out how tools can support Business Analyst finish comprehensive tasks. Instructors will introduce the most popular analysis tools such as Excel, MySQL,R and Tableau depend on course design and real situations. All of our course schedules help students get the idea, sharpen computer skills and strong critical thinking. The most important thing is that students will have the confidence to communicate with experienced workers using business and technical language and build the ability to solve problems in real business. So, are you ready to become a Business Analyst?

What will you earn and master from the program through our project cases?

As one of the core business of Internet industry, business analytical skills set is highly desirable in e-commerce companies like Amazon, Groupon, Alibaba, Revolve, and others.
How to collect and process a large number of customer data, what is the key metrics for analysis?
What is funnel analysis and how to improve the conversion rate? How to improve customer acquisition, retention, loyalty, and satisfaction?
How to collect user behavior data through A/B testing to drive a company’s decision making in product iteration and development?
How to compare the effect of marketing multichannel marketing campaign and ROI calculation?

2. For most companies like Facebook, Linked, Amazon, Google, and others, solid SQL skills are essential in order to pass the first round of business analyst interview as well as tackling data challenge.

What is RDBMS (relational database management system) and data schema?
How to handle data cleaning, data quality control, and exploratory data analysis?
How to improve the efficiency of your SQL query?

3. For students with a finance background or would like to enter the finance industry, a business analyst could play a significant role in financial areas include fraud detection, loan granting, credit card transactions, customer acquisition.

How to identify high risk users and fraudulent activities based on users economic situation, geographical distribution, user habits, amount of consumption, social media data and other information?
How to utilize the data to establish and optimize the classification/clustering model?

4. Sales prediction

how to analyze the sales data for each quarter, different categories of goos?
how to calculate sales growth or decline proportions?
how to predict the next quarters’ sales performance?
how to improve and optimize the customer segmentation?

5. Sentiment analysis on Twitter

how to analysis customer feedback and preference based on sentiment analysis using twitter’ API?

6. Data visualization

How to build eye-catching and easy-to-communicate dashboard to present your findings and daily report?