C# and .NET Framework Boot Camp

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The C# and .NET Framework Boot Camp is a wonderful choice for students looking to utilize Microsoft technologies and languages. Many of the top companies on Earth utilize Microsoft software and tools. With C# being one of the top programming languages in existence, in terms of popularity and usage, graduates are prepared for positions requiring skill in this language. On this boot camp, students learn five of the most in-demand programming languages. In addition to C#, languages covered in this boot camp include: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL. Graduates are well-rounded, full-stack, junior-level developers set up for entry-level development positions.

Benefits of the C# and .NET Boot Camp:
Our longest-running program – the only boot camp we’ve delivered since day one of The Tech Academy.
600 hours of study content and activities.
Includes a Live Project that focuses on C# and the .NET Framework, resulting in real-world development experience that can be added to your resume.
Covers front-end and back-end web and software development.

1. Courses included in the C# and .NET Boot Camp:
2. Computer and Technology Basics Course
3. Overview of Software Development Course
4. Version Control Course
5. HTML and CSS Course
6. Database and SQL Course
7. JavaScript Course
8. Visual Studio Course
9. C# and .NET Framework Course
10. Project Management Course
11. A 2-week Live Project focused on C# and the .NET Framework
12. Job Placement Course