C# .NET After-Hours Bootcamp

offered by Grand Circus

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This programming bootcamp will introduce you to the fundamentals of enterprise development (.NET), the use of Visual Studio, SQL databases, and how to design and deploy object-oriented applications.

Some of the concepts we’ll cover include:

– A thorough hands-on understanding of .NET development
– The lifecycle of a .NET project
– C# language syntax
– The mechanics of developing for .NET using Visual Studio
– Debugging and testing of .NET projects
– How to program web applications with ASP.NET
– How to access databases with ADO.NET


Before you start the programming bootcamp classroom sessions, you’ll complete two weeks of mandatory at-home learning. This work provides the foundation for the bootcamp lessons and covers fundamentals that all successful developers need to know.

Once you start classroom sessions, you’ll be on-site at Grand Circus in Detroit or Grand Rapids, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday, 6:30pm – 10pm. We love to start on time, so please plan to get here a few minutes early.