Career Track: Devsign

offered by Alchemy Code Lab

Portland’s many design agencies are adding coding talent to their teams to meet an increasing demand for mobile, web, and VR experiences. This advanced course will provide you with the technical chops of a developer who also designs beautiful user interfaces — making you that thing highly sought-after in the industry: a uniquely skilled Devsigner unicorn.

On the Devsigner Track you’ll:
– Hone your skills as a Full Stack JavaScript developer
– Take maintainable code even further into UI/UX development with in-depth CSS management, web animations and transitions, responsive design, HTML layout management, and more
– Create a compelling online brand, network, and resume featuring the professional design and development knowledge, experience, habits, and practices you’ve gained
– Demonstrate your skill and understanding in personal and technical interviews, leveraging your position as the linchpin on a team, conversing fluently with traditional designers, UI/UX engineers, back-end developers, and front-end JavaScript developers