Career Track: Full-Stack Javascript

offered by Alchemy Code Lab

Power the internet with full stack web applications. You’ll go in-depth with the technologies, tools, and processes needed to be a Full Stack JavaScript developer, and work collaboratively to create sustainable and maintainable apps with leading-edge front end libraries and frameworks.

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:
– Work with a team to build and contribute to a server-side and client-side application, using architectures & frameworks that promote maintainability, scalability, and collaboration
– Analyze the trade-offs between competing solutions and choose algorithms, JavaScript coding patterns & practices, and byte formats that do not degrade the performance or functionality of the application
– Establish a compelling online brand, network, and resume featuring the professional web development knowledge, experience, habits, and practices you’ve gained
– Demonstrate your skill and understanding in personal and technical interviews, and drive a successful search for your job as a Full Stack JavaScript or Front End Web Developer