The darling of data scientists at companies like NASA, Instagram, and Dropbox, Python is the go-to language for data analysis and machine learning (AI). Design and build professional-grade apps quickly and efficiently using Python’s frameworks and deployment tools.

After this immersive course in Python, you’ll be able to:
– Take your projects from conception all the way through full-stack execution and deployment using professional frameworks and tools
– Contribute to existing and ongoing projects using controlled workflows in a team setting
– Track and understand the interaction between the code as it is written, the data on the machine, and the result served to the client / browser
– Write secure web apps that deter hackers
– Build your own code libraries of algorithms and data structures commonly found in computer science and software development
– Review and understand code written by someone else, collaborating with a team of coders with varying levels of experience, and suggest improvements to the code base in question
– Develop a portfolio of polished work, and craft a compelling online brand, network, and resume featuring the professional web development knowledge, experience, habits, and practices you’ve gained
– Demonstrate your skill and aptitude in personal and technical interviews, and drive a successful search for your job as a Python Web Developer