CCC iOS Coding Boot Camp

offered by City Colleges of Chicago Coding Bootcamp

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Chicago’s first ever iOS Coding Boot Camp program is now accepting applications. The free five-month pilot program at Truman College and Kennedy-King College will provide the instruction and equipment necessary to create and publish iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps, and sell them on the iOS App Store.

During the course, students will meet 12 hours per week for lecture and lab hours to learn how to design and develop apps with the SwiftTM programming language and Xcode.

Qualified participants will have: Previous technical training or experience, familiarity with the iOS environment, ability to commit to attending the five-month class, and desire to interview for entry level positions with a partner firm or other software development companies.

The boot camp is part of the citywide Everyone Can Code Initiative. City Colleges of Chicago is collaborating with Apple to help bring coding opportunities to Chicago’s nearly 500,000 students through a citywide expansion of Apple’s Everyone Can Code initiative.

Everyone Can Code is a program designed by Apple to help everyone learn how to code, creating opportunities for all students and preparing them for the workforce. The comprehensive program includes a range of free resources, from helping students explore basic coding concepts to building fully functional apps. Students work towards becoming proficient in Swift, Apple’s easy-to-learn programming language.