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The C# programming language is the major language used to develop applications for the Windows operating system. In this three-course certificate program, we’ll show you how to design and build robust, data-driven Windows client and web applications using the Microsoft .NET Framework. Then you’ll create your own applications to add to your professional portfolio. Build a career in software development with this powerful and widely used language.

This program is designed for technically oriented professionals who want to become software engineers or developers who want to enhance their programming skills. Those with less experience should consider taking courses in Foundations of Programming (C# and .NET) and Foundations of Algorithms & Data Structures first. This is a NONCREDIT course.

Basic concepts of the .NET Framework
The ways that object-oriented programming, multithreading and class libraries improve application performance and design
How to use common Windows controls and create Windows forms applications
Data structures, storage techniques, exception handling, strings, regular expressions and collections
Web development with ASP.NET, HTML5, JavaScript and jQuery