Certificate of Completion in Java Programming

offered by GCU Bootcamp



This immersive Java certificate program provides the requisite knowledge to break into Java programming. Students will gain a foundation in Java object-oriented techniques, Java-driven software development, and building applications using software engineering methods. Students learn concepts and techniques for improving new code and refactoring existing code.

This course includes:
– Java fundamental concepts and algorithms, syntax and problem solving
-Java software development, and relationships between machine architecture and data organization through Java-based projects
-Interfaces, event and exception handling, Java I/O and collection framework
-Concepts, tools and frameworks of Open source software development

Students will be able to build applications and develop an acquaintance with compilers, scripting languages, frameworks, build tools, APIs, version control software and licensing constraints using operating systems like Linux. Throughout the Java programming certificate, students will also obtain skills in professional communications and conduct associated with a career in technology.