Codaisseur Academy

offered by Codaisseur

What you’ll learn: During this 11-week intensive program, you will learn to build complex websites and even multiplayer games with databases, APIs, and modern front-end technology. We teach you the latest and greatest technologies most senior developers have not even worked with yet – or at least not as intensively as you will. We aim for teaching you technologies, tools, and approaches that development teams around the world are looking to implement.

These are the technologies & tools we teach: HTML5 & CSS3 Programming & Algorithms SQL Databases JavaScript & jQuery Test Driven Development Building APIs NodeJS and ES6/7 Syntax React with Redux Service Based Architecture Realtime Multiplayer Games with WebSockets Native iOS & Android Apps with React.

A typical day: Right now, this is what a typical Codaisseur Code Academy day looks like: Our classes begin every day at 9.30, but most students will arrive a little earlier and grab some coffee to get the day started. At 9.30 your teacher will give you a little warm up exercise to get the day started. At 9.45 the teacher will give you a brief recap, and introduce the topic for the rest of the day. From 10.00 you’ll be working on exercises and your teacher will give short lectures throughout. At 12.30 it’s time for a much needed break, lunch time! Class resumes at 13.30 usually with a short lecture after which you can work on a short project. Then at 16.00 you’ll begin preparing for tomorrow, and when 18.00 rolls around, it’s usually time to head home.

Requirements: Our current admissions process involves 2 short tests and 1 interview (face to face or via Skype), which you’ll have to pass to be accepted into our academy. During the interview, we will assess whether you are a fit for the Academy. No technical background is required. We believe that a strong motivation and dedication are the biggest drivers for success. We believe that by selecting ambitious students, the overall level of our students improves. All of our classes are taught in English. You should be able to effortlessly participate in both technical and non-technical discussions and read and understand technical materials.

When can you apply: Anytime! A new class starts every 3 weeks, so once you have applied via our website, we will find the best starting date for you based on availability and your preferences.