Code 501: Intro to Data Structures & Algorithms

offered by Code Fellows

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Whiteboard interviews are intimidating! Candidates need to simultaneously show off their knowledge of CS fundamentals, their interpersonal communication skills, and their problem solving abilities.
In this course, developers will dive into the world of data structures, Big O notation, computational thinking, whiteboarding, and much more. Connect the theory to real-world use cases. Build intuition for which data structure to reach for. Drill on common challenges to get the practice you need. Nail the process that can reliably lead you to solutions.
Students will:
Be able to correctly evaluate the efficiency of common modern algorithms.
Build their own data structures from scratch to solve code challenges, in the approved programming language of their choice.
Demonstrate the parallel whiteboarding skills of communication, coding, problem solving, and analysis to correctly solve challenges at the whiteboard.
Correctly identify which data structures to use for common code challenges and on-the-job tasks.
Write common algorithms for data structures like arrays, linked lists, and trees.
Demonstrate the command of computer science vocabulary to be able to speak like a professional software developer.