Codeasy C# Elementary Course

offered by Codeasy



This course offers:
• An adventure story mixed with the explanation of basic principles of C# programming is available for the user. Elementary course gives the students general overview of C# basics, gives the opportunity to taste coding.
• Main topics covered: C# program structure; basic data types: bool, int, char, double, float; if statement; console input and output; for loop; string manipulations.
• Registration at Codeasy allows the user to solve the tasks by writing a code (practical part). The user can write code directly at Codeasy in an online compiler, Codeasy checks the code and immediately outputs the result. Each task has automatic hints to help the user solve task correctly.
• While solving tasks the user earns points to get to the Leader Board, which is aimed to encourage the students to complete the course.
• In case of any difficulty – Codeasy offers the users to join Codeasy community in Slack, where Codeasy mentors and more experienced users help each other.