Coding Bootcamp: Leeds

offered by Northcoders

The Developer Pathway is a 12-week course designed to help you kick-start a career as a software developer.
You want to find rewarding work as a Software Developer. The Northcoders coding bootcamp, The Developer Pathway, exists to ensure you can do just that, with confidence. It promotes a fundamentally different, bespoke and compassionate way of doing things – that ensures you graduate with the skills to find work.
Northcoders is industry-led, and industry-leading. They teach a robust curriculum through JavaScript, but graduates are confident to take up work in any language. In fact, only around 1 in 3 graduates code in JavaScript in their first job.
The course is divided into four 3-week blocks. If you need more time to consolidate your skills, you’ll have the opportunity to repeat any block immediately, with bespoke support, at no additional cost.