Coding Ninja

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Week 1 & 2: HTML + CSS + Javascript
Week 3 & 4: Course introduction, UI/UX wireframing, HTML/CSS, Javascript Level 1, Responsive design, CSS advanced and Bootstrap.
Week 5 & 6: Github advanced, Semantic WEB, Responsive HTML/CSS (Advanced), Cross-browser testing, Javascript Level 2.
Week 6 & 7: Continue your project using CSS, HTML, JS and jQuery and add beautiful CCS3 transitions, parallax effects and other advanced tricks.
Week 8 & 9: Installing Nginx, Vagrant, SSH, Terminal, and localhost. PHP introduction, JSON and Front-end/Back-end introduction.
Week 10 & 11:PHP Level 2, Databases introduction. E/R. MySQL. NoSQL.
Week 12:Build your own theme and plugin – start working on your final project: Website, Web Application, eCommerce, eLearning, etc.