Columbus FlexCode™ Coding Bootcamp

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FlexCode™ is an innovative solution to the traditional coding bootcamp model for people with a full-time job or family responsibilities. This 16-week program offers a combination of online and in-person classes for greater flexibility, lower expenses, and a more effective learning model.

How does FlexCode™ work?
– Meet your cohort and facilitators – we start with an in-person weekend + 1 day orientation
– Gain full access to online learning modules with 20-25 hours/week of foundational material (360 online hours available, of which 187 are required)
– Work on team assignments during in-person classroom meetings 2 weekends/month for 16 weeks (128 required in-person hours)
– Stay supported with 1-on-1 weekly remote pair-programming sessions with a seasoned developer plus online group sessions with your cohort and remote community assistance
– Get empowered with online career training & homework plus 1-on-1 weekly meetings with your Student Success Coach
– Continue your education with post-bootcamp training options to help you maintain and improve your skills with individualized career plans

Career Services:
– Understanding Your Path
– Resume-Building
– LinkedIn Profile with Headshot
– Communication & Messaging
– Interviewing
– Career & Employer Events
– Mock Interviews
– Group & Individual Support
– Final Projects