Columbus Fullstack JavaScript In-Person Bootcamp

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You’ll learn the most in-demand skills in the U.S., specialized based on the demands of each campus’ region. Most importantly, know that you’ll learn languages and techniques that will soundly start you as a software developer, skills that will stay with you through your career, enabling you to specialize as you desire throughout.

You’ll experience:
– Short and engaging lectures followed by both group and individual active learning exercises.
– Teachers and mentors at your disposal when you have questions.
– Visuals for conceptualization.
– Additional web-based home assignments.
– Conceptual as well as practical insight.
– Shrinking down general concepts into real-world problems.
– Class workshops – working with other students, discussing questions with them, finding group solutions.
– Pair programming to learn and share with classmates.

We Can Code IT prepares students for software development careers with their Career Difference program, which helps students with career development from day one.

Career Services:
– Understanding Your Path
– Resume Building
– LinkedIn w/ Headshot
– Messaging
– Interviewing
– Campus Events/Speakers
– Employer Events
– Mock Interviews
– Group & Individual Work