As a Cyber Security and Network Technician, you are able to validate your ability to handle day-to-day management of the server operating system, file structure, and directory services. You will also learn to
– handle software distribution and updates
– monitor servers; provide troubleshooting support
– build and configure servers; implement auditing policy
– perform scheduled vulnerability-assessment scans
– monitor logs for firewalls and intrusion-detection systems.

At the completion of this program you are qualified to manage, support, and troubleshoot information systems in a wide range of computing environments with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Linux. Additionally, the course will provide the concepts, commands, and practice required to configure Cisco switches and routers in multi-protocol Internet works.

Finally, students also get an introduction to the 21st century could-based systems administration on Azure and AWS. This course is based on lectures, discussions, demonstrations, exercises, and laboratory projects. Students perform all basic configuration procedures to build LAN and WAN interfaces for the most commonly used routing and routed protocols.

Certification Preparation:
Students will be equipped to sit for the following certification exams:
Network+, Security+ and Window Server Administration Fundamentals (MTA-365).
In addition, the curriculum will also cover a portion of Cisco CCNA and CompTIA Cloud+.