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The Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp is a full-time, in-person 17-week training program that prepares students to get cyber security jobs as pen testers and SOC analysts after graduation. Operated by Fullstack Academy, one of the longest-running coding bootcamps in the nation, the Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp is part of New York City’s $100-million-dollar Cyber NYC initiative, which aims to transform the City of New York into a global cyber hub. In keeping with this mission, the City is sponsoring 24 low-income New Yorkers to attend the first cohort of the Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp tuition-free.

The Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp prepares students to get cyber security jobs as pen testers and SOC analysts. The curriculum is divided into three phases:

Foundations (Basics), Weeks 1 – 4
– Computing foundations –Hardware, encryption, most used operating systems, cloud
computing, etc.
– Networking foundations –Routing, monitoring, troubleshooting, etc.
– Security foundations –System architecture, risk management, cryptography, etc.

Junior Phase (Red Team), Weeks 5 – 10
Core cyber security skills — Data encoding, command line, digital forensics, malware
analysis, etc.
Ethical hacking — Information gathering, attack frameworks, web
frameworks, firewall bypass, etc.

[Week 11 is Review Week, when Juniors have time off-campus to review what they’ve learned and prepare for the next phase of the program]

Senior Phase (Blue Team), Weeks 12 – 17
Identify and protect — Scanning, application restrictions, whitelisting, etc.
Detect — Network capture, honey techniques, log auditing, etc.
Respond — Live triage, malware analysis, memory acquisition, etc.
Recover — Patching, events & incident sharing, kill chain mapping,

Throughout the program, students will also receive one-on-one and group career development assistance. That portion of the curriculum includes:

– Technical resume creation
– LinkedIn optimization
– Best practices for networking
– Recruiter communication dos and don’ts
– Behavioral interview prep

…and more.

– Students will also be able to apply their learnings in the following ways:
– Industry-standard certification opportunities
– CompTIA Networking+
– CompTIA Security+
– Associate of (ISC)2
– Simulated cyber attack using Cyber NYC’s state-of-the-art cyber range
– Putting together a proof of concept for a cyber security system of their own
– Participation in a job fair exclusively for Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp grads