Cybersecurity Bootcamp

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The Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp is an immersive and accelerated training program with a focus on creating the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. Students attend courses, take part in hands-on labs and apply their learning to successfully complete projects that address various cybersecurity topics. Throughout the program, students interact with experts who guide them through the Bootcamp, answer questions, and help with labs and projects. The Bootcamp ends with a few capstone projects where students apply their learning to real-life cybersecurity challenges.

This is a 6-month program and students are expected to spend 15 to 25 hours a week to master the material. Graduates of this program will learn critical skills for different cybersecurity careers and will have access to career services throughout the program.

1. Hardware & OS Fundamentals
2. Networking Fundamentals
3. Security Fundamentals
4. Intro to Python
5. Security Analyst
6. Ethical Hacking
7. Penetration Testing