Data Analysis

offered by CodeClan

Pre-course work
This part of the course is designed to help you get comfortable the tools you’ll be using throughout your training. We’ll also use this time to give you a refresher on some of the maths you might not have looked at since you left school. The pre-course is self-guided and completed at your own pace during the two weeks before you kick off on campus.

R Programming
We will use the R language as a tool to carry out all the data analysis tasks and techniques. We’ll start by focusing on the language basics, but before long you’ll be developing your own interactive web applications, machine learning models and complete data analysis projects. As R is an open source language, you’ll be able to use it alongside Python and SQL at no additional cost when you get into the office.

Data analysis
You’ll learn everything you need to take a raw dataset, clean it up, manipulate it, visualise it and use it to create predictive models. Along the way, you’ll also learn the best ways to clean data, the right graph to choose and brush up your statistics to ensure you make solid recommendations from your data.

Business applications
Data impacts every corner of a business, so we’ll make sure you understand how to manage data well within an organisation, alongside the ethical and privacy implications of doing that. You’ll get to work on real-world problems and datasets provided by our partners, so that you can start to make a difference before you’ve even graduated.

Skill outcomes
• Develop the knowledge, skills and best practices to become a professional Data Analyst
• Consolidate, present and model data in multiple ways
• Key skills to lead data driven decision making within your organisation
• Forecasting, competitor analysis and probability
• Story-tell through the visualisation of data
• Understand the right tools to use to fir the audience and purpose
• Apply your knowledge of data to multiple business sectors including health, arts, environment and tourism
• Communication and presentation skills