Data Analytics

offered by CareerFoundry



On the program, you’ll learn how to prepare and analyze data and develop critical skills to interpret business requirements to guide your data analysis. The program consists of two parts: Intro to Data Analytics, a one month long course which covers the basics of data analysis, and Data Immersion, a seven month long course where you’ll immerse yourself into the mindset of a data analyst through hands-on application of the processes and tools that data professionals use every day.

By the end of the program, you’ll know how and when to use specific industry-standard tools, including Excel, SQL, and Tableau. You’ll be comfortable using the programming language Python, and you will have numerous other coveted skills under your belt—including statistical analysis and testing, data visualisation, data querying, and predictive analysis. You’ll also know how to employ a catalogue of techniques to visualize data, including building dashboards using Python visualization libraries.

You’ll know how to work with multiple data sets, from customer data to product order data, with the aim of answering key business questions, and you’ll explore the impact of bias and the fundamentals of data science. Critically, too, you’ll develop the skills you need to collaborate with other analysts, engineers, and data scientists, as well as communicate with other stakeholders who will typically be reliant on your work for insights and recommendations.

The program is divided into six Achievements. Each Achievement explores a specific topic, and by the end of each one you will have completed a piece of work for your portfolio