Data Analytics

offered by Principal Analytics Prep



Hiring managers for data science and business analytics roles are famous for being hyper-demanding: they want unicorns, modern-age Renaissance men and women, jack-of-all-trades, walking encyclopedias, polymaths, and Jedi masters.

The key skills commonly found in the best data analysts and scientists fall into three categories: Computing, Statistics and Business. Most academic degrees and bootcamps focus on one of these areas. Principal Analytics Prep’s CDS curriculum places all Three Pillars on equal footing, giving you the solid foundation for your data career. Our mission is to train you to solve business problems using data and quantitative analyses.

In this course, you’ll learn:

Computing: SQL Databases, no SQL Databases, Python/R/SAS, Data Integrity, Machine Learning, Web & Mobile Tech, Deployment

Statistics: Reason, Data Viz, Modeling, Surveys, Optimization, A/B Testing, Web Analytics

Business: Marketing, Finance, Strategy, Project Management, Communications