Train yourself in the skills needed to analyse large amounts of data automatically and find patterns that improve business decisions in any field of professional activity.

This program is aimed at absolute beginners who are considering a career in data analytics or to use it as part of their existing skillset.

By completing this program you will be able to:
– Analyse data sets and determine what additional treatments are needed to work with them.
– Define business hypotheses that can actually be tested by processing the data.
– Understand and apply algorithms to perform data mining or create machine learning models.
– Present conclusions to both a technical and business orientated audience.

Those interested in data analytics should be willing to work with or have some knowledge in:
– Science (testing or formulating hypotheses)
– Statistics (working with numbers and statistical methodology) and
– Programming in R Language.

This course is well suited to those with a degree in Social Sciences, Engineering, or Mathematics.