Data Analytics & Visualization

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The Data Analytics & Visualization Bootcamp is a part-time i.e. 20 hours a week or less, Data Analyst program that jumpstarts your career to becoming a successful Data Analyst in 4 months. You will gain complete knowledge and skills to thoroughly analyze data and help business leaders make important decisions, even if you have no prior practical experience working as an analyst.

The Bootcamp program is rigorous and packed with challenges covering concepts, theories and projects; but you will have all the help needed to navigate through the process in the form of academic counselling, mentor office hours and assessments.

The training will provide fully immersive learning through lecture videos, workshops & weekly projects, and a Capstone Final project. You will learn Data Analyst fundamentals, key data science tools and the widely-used T-SQL programming language, from industry and academic experts in this unique program offered by Wagner College.

– Start from the basics of Microsoft Excel, Data Analysis and Data Visualization
– Leverage Statistical concepts for the best analysis practices
– Learn Pivot and Power BI to manipulate data and take out insights allowing you to suggest data backed course of action
– Deep dive into the T-SQL programming language with a focus on querying and modifying data