Data Science

offered by Flatiron School



With more than 650% job growth since 2012, data science has catapulted to be among tech’s fastest-growing and most sought-after fields. This program will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experience to get a job as a data scientist – which requires a mix of software engineering, statistical understanding, and the ability to apply both skills in new and challenging domains.

Over 15 challenging weeks at Flatiron School’s campus, students will learn how to gather data, apply statistical analysis to answer questions with that data, and make their insights and information as actionable as possible. The course covers Python, SQL, Pandas, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and more. Flatiron School’s pedagogy ensures not only job readiness for today’s market, but also the aptitude and skills to keep learning and stay relevant.

By the end of the course, students will have learned in-demand technical skills they need to be no-brainer tech hires, and how to demonstrate those skills through advanced portfolio projects, robust technical blogs, and active Github profiles. Many Flatiron graduates have gone on to pursue roles as data scientists, data engineers, machine learning engineers, deep learning engineers, and back-end engineers. Post graduation, alumni continue to work with Flatiron School career coaches throughout their job search and have access to a network of employer partners and over 1500+ alumni.

No previous coding experience is required, but Flatiron School encourages all applicants to start learning through the free Coding Bootcamp Prep course. All students apply through a standardized process, including a written application, admissions interview, and technical review.