Data Science and Machine Learning (Part-time)

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What will I be able to do after the class?
After completing this course, students will be able to work with massive datasets to extract insight through statistical and machine learning techniques using Python. Learn to formulate questions that drive cutting-edge visualizations and inferences, no matter your industry or profession.

Deploy machine learning techniques to a dataset of your choice

Complete a capstone project that includes a full cycle of data tools

Start your journey to becoming a professional Data Scientist

Learn how to generate insight using the most relevant data science skills

Course Description
If “data is the new oil”, data science is the refinery that transforms data from a raw material to the fuel that drives the world’s economy.

In this 6-week part time evening course, you will learn the building blocks and tools that will empower you to take massive raw data sets and extract valuable insights and data visualizations that bring the data to life. You will learn to manipulate data using various Python libraries while working in Jupyter Notebooks. You will be introduced to common algorithms and techniques for analyzing data and be introduced to the concepts and tools that are used to implement machine learning.

The classroom and learning environment is designed to be practical and allow students to quickly apply their new skills to real world problems and work with real datasets.