Data Science Bootcamp

offered by IE Exponential Learning



The main goal of the Data Science Bootcamp is for students to learn how to acquire, clean, structure, store, manipulate, analyze, and visualize data from diverse sources to answer complex business questions. For full-time students, the bootcamp is 11 weeks with work at 60 hours per week; for part-time students, the bootcamp is 15 weeks with work at 12 hours per week.

In this bootcamp, students learn how to find patterns, use machine learning and other analytical tools that can be implemented in various fields such as marketing, product development, project management, or general business administration.

The Data Science Bootcamp has an inclusive approach: it provides theoretical and practical knowledge acquired through working with real data sets and industry leaders as well as educators and data experts. It also promotes teamwork and aims to foster data visualization skills for students to learn how to give engaging and insightful presentations to show the impact of data.