Data Science Bootcamp

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This flexible, online Data Science program, provided in partnership with Thinkful™, combines an in-depth, project-based approach with two 1-on-1 sessions every week with top data scientists. The program is designed to help working professionals and beginners to secure their first full time job as a data scientist.

In addition to technical skill training, students complete comprehensive career services training in order to effectively navigate the increasingly-competitive tech industry. This training includes access to a growing network of exclusive hiring partners to help graduates find a job, guaranteed. This course is designed to take students from beginners to job-ready in 6 months.

During the course, you’ll work side-by-side with a professional data scientist to learn analysis and experiment design, predictive modeling, classification techniques, or customer types via unsupervised learning.

Data science is a wide field. Specializations will help you stand out. Pick your path and learn some more advanced skills. Paths include: Advanced NLP, Biostatistics, Big Data, Network Analysis, Time Series and Economic/Social Sciences.