Data Science Foundations

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The Data Incubator’s Data Science Foundations online training course is an introductory 8-week, part-time bootcamp geared towards giving ambitious college and graduate-level students, recent college graduates, and working professionals an immersive hands-on experience with fundamental data science techniques. Class sessions are LIVE online presentations, twice each week for two hours each session.

Our Data Science Foundations online training course curriculum has been developed with feedback from our hundreds of industry partners, using the same rigorous methodology as our Fellowship program, to transform data amateurs into data professionals.

The course covers two themes: Introduction to Data Wrangling and Introduction to Predictive Analytics.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

– Extract, clean, and analyze data using Python
– Leverage Python’s powerful libraries to build predictive models to make better decisions
– Understand relational databases and utilize SQL to query and maintain databases
– Solve business problems using data-driven insights

This course is for you if:

– You’re interested in the field of data science and want to learn essential data science skills
– You’re new to Python or are self-taught and you’re looking for a more robust, structured learning program
– You’re a Data Analyst, Economist, or Researcher who works with large datasets and wants to make analysis easier and more effective with Python and SQL
– You’re a Software or Data Engineer interested in learning the fundamentals of quantitative analysis
– You’re interested in applying to TDI’s Data Science Fellowship