Data Science Immersive

offered by Coding Dojo

The Data Science Immersive program is designed to teach and apply Data Science methodologies and tools so participants can solve real-world problems in business and academia. The bootcamp introduces core Data Science principles and develops students’ skill sets to make them competitive in the workforce as Junior Data Scientists or Data Analysts. Participants will also develop Data Science solutions using the SQL, R, and Python programming languages, as well as build predictive models by leveraging statistical and machine learning processes.

Hands-On Training
Learn modern Data Science through hands-on assignments, projects, and mentorship from your instructors.

Industry-Leading Curriculum
Built by one of the top Data Scientists in the US, Isaac Faber. A Stanford-educated PhD and Chief Data Scientist for over 15 years.

Job-Applicable Experience
Apply predictive modeling, pattern recognition, and data visualization. Forecast business performance and trends with real-world data.

Be Job-Hunt Ready
By graduation or soon after, our goal is for you to have the portfolio and technical data to start applying for Data Science and Analyst roles.