Data Science Prep

offered by Galvanize

Whether you’re comfortable preparing for a data science bootcamp on your own, thrive in a group setting, or want personalized mentored feedback, we’ve designed online prep courses to meet your needs and prepare you for a data science course. Our Prep courses will teach you key fundamentals like Python, SQL, and machine learning that are needed to pass any data science Technical Interview, including our own.
We offer three prep options:

1. Basic Prep: A free, self-paced course designed to help prepare you for Galvanize’s Data Science Immersive program.

2. Premium Prep: A paid prep course that includes 50 hours of live online, instructor-supported learning that allows you to work alongside a cohort of peers. The cost of this prep course is directly applied towards the cost of our Data Science Immersive program.

3. Mentored Prep: A paid prep course that prepares you for the Data Science Immersive with personal, one-on-one support. This course allows you to work at your own pace with the added benefit of dedicated mentor support.