Data Scientist

offered by Practicum by Yandex



Data science is a complex and intricate field. It is comprised of structuring and analyzing large-scale volumes of data, applying machine learning to make predictions, identifying patterns, and drawing conclusions. Data scientists are needed in business, manufacturing, and science.

You will master the skills required to become a data scientist and build a portfolio of projects during the 8 months, 10 hour per week training course. Projects you will work on:

– Predict traffic levels for Yandex.Navigator. Train an algorithm that predicts the severity of daily traffic jams.
– Select an ad to display on an internet community page. If the community has multiple sponsors, you’ll want each user to see the ad they’re most likely to click on. Your algorithm will predict how likely each click is.
– Predict available time slots for a courier. Train an algorithm for a courier service that predicts which time slots will be used on a particular day.

You will Study in our Exclusive Technological Environment
Full immersion in the IT profession means you will have to complete hands-on projects, keep in touch with your mentor and maintain ongoing contact with the new technologies you study. That’s why we created our own exclusive technological environment.