Data Application Lab offers the 16 weeks professional data science bootcamp in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and Online. Each lecture is held for two hours and is hosted on Zoom remotely. The syllabus and flyer for the bootcamp can be read on their official website with information of the course material, project information and instructors.

What makes the bootcamp unique, in contrast to other programs, is that it is heavily focused on techniques and their application. All of their instructors have extensive experience in industry and education, making this bootcamp ideal for kick-starting a successful career in data science!

The first 6 weeks contain 6 mini projects to solve real-world problems using data. These projects focus on Probability & Statistics in R, Machine Learning in Python, and Big Data with Hadoop Hive. Other topics discussed in this bootcamp are data visualization, A/B testing, deep learning, data virtualization, and data processing using SparkSQL and DataFrame.

After all of the material is lectured, the last six weeks are utilized to complete two larger projects. These projects bring everything together from the course in order to develop and execute two full data science projects from start to finish. This is great for learning about what it takes to perform data analytics in industry.