Our all hands-on-deck digital marketing boot camp is the digital marketers dream. We have taken what businesses want from a digital marketer and created the course around what skills will get you hired, a pay raise, or additional skillsets. This one-week intensive provides you the fundamentals and the in-depth knowledge to manage digital marketing campaigns. Gain proficiency in social advertising and use Facebook, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics to find meaning in user behavior. Develop and plan a campaign driven by data and paid‐search strategies — and measured by key performance indicators.

Class 1: Digital Marketing Framework & Strategy
Learn to create great marketing campaigns. Gain a marketer’s perspective and design campaigns based on the key objectives set. Find out how to segment your customers and identify channels to communicate with them.

Class 2: Digital Marketing and SEO
Digital Marketing Strategy and Channels SEO Practices

Class 3: Paid Social & Advertising
Paid Search, Adwords, Display, programmatic and SEM Paid Social

Class 4: Content Marketing & Social
Creating a content strategy
Content Marketing and Social Media

Class 5: Marketing Acquisition & Conversion Rate Optimization
How will your website stand out from a million others? Learn what makes a good website, and understand the difference between landing- and sales-pages. Identify key objectives of a web page, and explore various platforms to create great converting websites.
Landing Pages, UX intro and lead gen
A/B Testing and Marketing Optimization

Class 6: Customer Engagement & Retention
CRM and email marketing
Retargeting, referrals and tracking

Class 7: Analytics, Data, & Reporting
Metrics, Sources
Google Analytics

Class 8: Display, Facebook, or Mobile Deep Dives
Consumers and businesses are increasingly spoiled for choice. Learn to convince customers to choose you. Also, find out how to increase customer loyalty on social media to create trust and relationship.

Class 9: Persuasion and Budget Planning
-How to story tell
Campaign Planning and Budgets

Class 10: Presentations & Next Steps
-Present your projects and get feedback
-Finalize your portfolio. Update your resume