Engineering Immersion

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Thinkful’s Engineering Immersion program is designed for people to immerse themselves into web development and get hired as fast as possible. The pace pushes students to become hirable web developers in five months and requires 50-60 hours of effort per week. The fully online program features constant support, as students interact daily with their classmates, instructors, and mentors. Each student will have a dedicated mentor, who they’ll meet with 1-on-1 for half an hour multiple times per week.

The course teaches students web development fundamentals such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as advanced skills in Node.js, React, data structures and algorithms. Students will build full stack JavaScript applications, learn to collaborate in teams, and come out with strong portfolios. Before graduation, students will conduct 5 mock interviews and polish their resumes, Linkedin and Github profiled with insight from career coaches. This program offers an income shared agreement – you won’t have to pay tuition until you’re hired and earning an income above $40,000/year.