ESL (English as a Second Language)

offered by OPMI Business School



ESL is an essential course for all incoming international students. We provide the necessary skills for you to learn English and be able to compete in America with others. Every year, OPMI helps hundreds of students from over 52 countries not only learn English, but also develop their skill set to work in English or Technical field.

OPMI originated from an extraordinary ESL program since 1996. Our various, flexible and academic English courses have been dedicating to training diverse people adapting to the US culture and society. Since OPMI Business School’s ESL program has been a success, our school expands the curricula to cover the fields which are in demand in the job market.
OPMI General English Course provides an all-around understanding of the language including grammar,pronunciation, vocabulary, reading,writing,listening comprehension and conversation.

Course contents are presented in a carefully sequenced syllabus through extended narratives, video sequences and dialogs, reinforced by a wide variety of engaging exercises that provide the intensive practice essential for mastery. The speech lessons, designed to improve oral fluency, also reinforce grammar and vocabulary, helping students to talk about their lives and the world around them with increasing confidence. Classes cover the skills of speaking, writing, listening and reading and also the crucial elements of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Various levels are offered from beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. Students wishing to pursue their studies in the US who successfully completed our highest level of English can be granted a conditional TOEFL waiver with our partner universities and colleges.

We carry many levels of ESL to which you will be tested and appropriately enrolled.