FinTech (Financial Technology) Full-Time Bootcamp

offered by Byte Academy

Our program will teach you FinTech, or, Financial Technology so that you can build financial applications by the end of the program. You may focus on areas such as blockchain, payments, lending, roboadvisory and more. Our full-time program offers a job guarantee for eligible individuals.

The first phase of the program will make sure your coding skills are sharp by teaching you our time-tested Python full-stack development curriculum. Then, we’ll enhance your FinTech industry knowledge and its technical tools in order to have a better framework to decide which area(s) of FinTech you will address via your extensive project work.

Areas of FinTech we’ll cover on a conceptual and technical level include lending, payments, cryptocurrency/blockchain, KYC, insurance (InsurTech), robo advisory, regulatory tech (RegTech) and more. We’ll also introduce you to some popular platforms and widely used APIs in the industry.

Additionally, we’ll help you understand the data science concepts that are being used by FinTech companies so that you can apply these to your project work. Topics include: Pandas data analysis, machine learning and sentiment analysis, time series regression, overview of algorithms and statistics used in Quant Trading.

All students will build a portfolio of projects to showcase to potential employers. Some students choose to do their projects for real FinTech companies. Many choose a blockchain focus as part of the program.