Front End Development Course (PT 10 Weeks)

offered by DevelopMe_

This part-time course teaches the fundamentals of modern front-end web development.

It’s a highly structured course introducing key front-end web development processes, tools, concepts and techniques.

Learn how to code mobile-friendly, responsive websites from scratch, using HTML5 and CSS3 and the latest web development practices from industry experts.

Along the way learn about modern project processes, tools and frameworks (Sass and Bootstrap). As well as the latest CSS layout techniques (such as CSS Grid and Flexbox), accessibility, and web performance

By the end of this course you will be able to:

build and host simple websites built with HTML5 and CSS3
take a design and turn it into a fully functioning web page using code
understand the fundamentals of CSS layout, responsive web design, and cutting-edge methods like CSS grid and flexbox
write semantic HTML
have an understanding of accessibility and performance considerations
understand to a functional level how the web, domains, DNS, servers and hosting work
competently use the essential tools of a web developer – code editor, Photoshop, browser development tools, testing tools