Front-end Web Designer/Developer Bootcamp

offered by Nashville Software School

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Our Front-End Web Designer/Developer Bootcamp is a specialized version of our Web Developer Bootcamp. This six-month full-time bootcamp will train you to work across the entire spectrum of front-end design and development. You will be trained in User Experience (UX) design, User Interface (UI) design and the implementation of those designs into working code in the browser (front-end development).

This program will give you an intensive, immersive introduction in the skills required to execute the role of a front-end web developer and build websites, front-end web applications, hybrid mobile applications, etc. It is not only a design program – it is an immersive exploration of what it takes to actually design, build and deliver usable interactive experiences.

– Full-time course load with classes meeting M-F from 9am-4pm
– 6 month commitment
– Homework and individual projects for nights and weekends
– Ideal for people with some training and/or experience in design but that want to extend their skills into the area of digital product design and development.