Full Stack Bootcamp

offered by Neoland



After 12 weeks of intensive training in the NEOLAND Full Stack Bootcamp you will be fully prepared to enter the labor market as a Junior Full Stack Web Developer.

Throughout the Bootcamp, you will acquire the necessary knowledge to manage and process any type of web application, both the front end and the back end. You will learn Javascript, one of the most widely used programming languages in the world, and you will be able to manage large amounts of data through MongoDB.

The methodology applied in the Full Stack Bootcamp combines theory and practice so that you can apply all the knowledge acquired in each of the classes.

Once the Bootcamp is finished, you will enter the personalized Job Support service that we offer you.

Language: Spanish
Location: Madrid, Barcelona, Online
Duration: Full-Time 12 weeks

Other formats available:
– Master Part-Time | 22 weeks
– Course Part-Time | 12 weeks